So I had a good hair day friday.

Should I do a pre-order on these?

Heres an oldie of me, damn
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I’m having a three day sale to help pay for my halloween birthday bash next month on Wednesday 13th.

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Anonymous said: My bf and I arent seeing eye to eye on thinking of moving in together and things we would want or not . I am very much an animal lover and I make part of my living with animals, he doesnt want animals at all. I am an artist, I thrive in a place where I am surrounded by the things I love, he doesnt want that either but he doesnt even know what he wants. What do I do? I need to be surrounded by things I love to be happy. Ive lived in places where I could not and I was depressed and miserable.

I know exactly what you mean, and I wouldn’t be in a place that could be permanent for awhile unhappy. Perhaps as an artist thing, you could have a separate room where you keep your supplies and such things he doesn’t want to see. But as far as an animal goes that’s something you really need to come too agree on. Maybe you could negotiate something like if you get the animal, you’ll take full responsibly, and on top of that do cleaning and laundry. But honestly, I don’t see how he would want you to move in without bringing your things, and things that make you comfortable. My bf an I used to live together, and there are times you’ll end up by yourself, and having some kind of companion/hobby will make time pass and keep you sane. 


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