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The fact that shorter separating metal zippers don’t exist.

What. Why. I Need. #Designerproblems


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Implanon- If you don’t want to hear about periods, don’t read.

Girls who have Implanon, I need some help. I’ve tried to look up bad side effects and such when its close to the 3 years of having it, but nothing is helping really. So mine needs to be changed in October (not going to wait that long though) and I’ve been having really bad cramps. And I figured due to it being so close to needing a change and the drug is weaker. But now I have been on my period for nearly a month, with VERY heavy excessive bleeding. So much so, that last night (midnight) I put in a super heavy flow tampon, and this morning (10:00am) I was already leaking. Is this normal, or should I consult a doctor? I sometimes feel weak, and I have been anemic before, so it could be this with the fact I have been bleeding for a month, losing a lot of blood. But if anyone could help me out I’d greatly appreciate it.